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The vast regicontent img2on of Nunavik begins from the 55th longitude in Quebec, stretching across taiga and tundra to the top where the land meets the Hudson Straight waters. This region has been the place called home for Inuit for thousands of years.

Although first contact was made approximately over 150 years ago with Europeans, significant cultural and social changes began when trading posts were built and Inuit began moving into settlements and changing from a nomadic life to sedentary communities.

Nunavik’s political changes began in the 70’s with a signing of a lands claim, called the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement. This brought a new type of autonomy for the Inuit of Nunavik. From this agreement, a birth right corporation was established, Makivik Corporation. Nunavik Creations is just one of many endeavors and success.

Nunavik Creations was created to expand economic opportunities and produce products that reflect the culture, crafts and traditions of Inuit to the outside world.

Nunavik Creations values deep-rooted Inuit traditions, but is moving forward and keeping up with the times of fashion and technology. Although we face new challenges for the use of our materials in various parts of the world, we stand strong with our beliefs of keeping quality and use of natural resources that still surround our environment.

We remain our high quality standards our ancestors passed down to us, but have adapted to the world of social changes, environment change, and political changes that surround us today.

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