In the past as it is today, the seal has played a vital role in Inuit culture. The seal provides food, oil and clothing for the harsh arctic and northern coastal climate. The seal has also been a vital part of the culture in small fishing communities along Canada’s vast Atlantic coastline - providing not only a source of food but it also provides a much needed source of income in areas where there are limited employment opportunities.

The Inuit and those that make their living from the sea are very aware of the delicate balance in nature; the respect that is maintained between them ensures that these vital natural resources are properly managed.

The sealskins used in our products come from the Canadian commercial seal harvest, which is strictly regulated, by Fisheries and Oceans Canada. They regulates the number of seals to be harvested throughout each hunting season, they are responsible for issuing commercial licenses to certified hunter and also for strictly enforcing the humane harvesting of seals.